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When does the CISL season start?   These dates are posted on the Calendar located in the left column of the Home page. Any revisions to start dates are posted there.

When does the CISL season end?    End dates are posted on the CISL calendar located in the left column of the Home page. Any revisions to end dates are posted there.

Who gets medals in the CISL?   CISL teams are eligible for medals in each of our year end championships, the Hunt for Gold, and the Champions Challenge.
U12C teams are also eligible for medals from regular season play in their division.

Is there a year end championship for the top teams?  
The Champions Challenge takes place after the regular season ends.  The top six teams in each age group U12A-18A, , and SWC play off in an elimination style tournament for League medals. Where there are two divisions or more, placements will be the top teams in each division, first, second & third from each division, otherwise the top six teams will play The first round will consist of the sixth place team playing the third place team and the fifth place team playing the fourth place team (6 v 3 [gm A] and 5 v 4 [gm B]). The second round will consist of the two first round winners playing the first and second seeds.  Winner game A plays the second place team, and winner game B plays the first place team.  The third round will consist of the 2 winners, from the second round, playing for gold, and silver.

U12C, U14B, U16B play in the Challenge Cup. This is an elimination style tournament. All teams in CISL are eligible to play in the Challenge Cup.  However each team must register for the tournament using the form provided online and in the Coach Handbook. Registration deadline is June 13th and is posted on the calendar. Registered teams are placed in game brackets by drawing names from a hat. Season standings do not count for this tournament. The first round consists of round robin games with two other teams (except where number of teams require a two team group, or a four team group). First round winners are determined by number of wins, and if tied for wins, league tie breakers will be used to determine who advances. Winners advance to the second and subsequent rounds by winning their match.

When do the year end championships take place?  The Champions Challenge usually takes place during the last weekend of August..  Dates can vary somewhat.  Current season planned dates are posted on the calendar.  The Challenge Cup will start late June and end with the finals on artificial turf during the last weekend of August.

What do I do if I am a Coach and go on vacation? 
Why do you need so much contact information from each team? 
Most of the time we can operate the league without the necessity of urgent contact.  However there are occasions where we need to contact a team quickly, usually on game day, in an effort to keep you from wasting your time going to a match which is not going to be played.  We ask for at least three contacts per team to insure we have an active contact for every team. Team specific messages are always sent to all team contacts provided.  This helps get information out to more people and provides better communication.

We add these names to a general email list and also retain this information in case something happens affecting your team specifically.  We also ask for office and home numbers in case something occurs which requires immediate contact with the team.  Field vandalized, no lines, grass not cut, other team forfeit, etc. In this way CISL can make contact with your team even if the Coach is on vacation.

Why are schedules always available so late?    There is a lot of work to produce a schedule for all the teams playing in the CISL.  Teams are registered through a club.  Teams are placed in their appropriate category, and then a decision is made as to how these teams will compete with one another.  Having done that the schedule is prepared for each age group and category.  Schedules are checked to make sure there are no double bookings, either of teams, time or fields.  Then the schedules are sent to HRM for their facilities schedulers to actually book the times.  Inevitably there are changes and sometimes these can take a few days.  CISL and HRM work these changes through and finalize the schedule.  Meanwhile clubs have traditionally added or deleted up to 20 teams affecting as many as twelve play categories, causing a multitude of changes, and inevitable delays.

CISL policy is to upload schedules after all is approved.  It is much easier to make schedule changes before they are published than after.  Team registration is the 15th of April, and HRM requires schedules to be submitted about the second Monday in May.  This provides only three weeks to prepare a 2,000 game schedule.  It takes HRM about a week to input all the matches. Another few days to work out the problems with CISL, and voila it’s the week of the Coach meetings already.

Where there have been game cancellations due to weather we also need time to prepare a makeup schedule.  The makeup weekend schedule is totally dependent on the number of weather cancellations that have occurred. We have to be careful that teams are not playing too frequently over the weekend, and it is a juggling act to ensure all teams have a proper break between matches.

Must I advise the league if the team's coaching staff changes throughout the season?    Yes, please. If your coaching staff or team contacts change throughout the season please contact the CISL with these details. Remember, if we can’t contact you easily you may miss important information.

When do the Tier 2 provincial play downs take place?      The tier 2 provincial play downs are usually played the week after Natal Day.  Dates are posted on the CISL calendar.

What is the format for the provincial play downs?      Each District or Region has their own rules for playdown formats.  Please contact your Club or District/Regional Association for specific information. The CISL has no role in any Provincial Playdown.

What are Provincial Playdowns?    Provincial Playdowns are a method of determining which teams will represent a District/Region at a specific Provincial Championship.  These competitions are not part of the CISL. They are the responsibility of Districts/Regions.  You should consult your club if you have questions relating to this competition.

Where are Provincial Championships located?    Provincial Championships are “bid” for by different regions throughout the province   . These “bids” are reviewed and approved by the SNS Competitions Committee at their meeting in July.  The locations are then posted on the SNS website.                                      

Who approves formats for league play?     All formats for league play have been approved by the Board of Directors of the CISL, which consists of all Member Clubs of the CISL. Any questions regarding formats should be directed to your Club.

Why are the fields sometimes closed?     Fields are closed for safety concerns during bad weather or sometimes an extreme weather forecast.  The fields are closed in order to protect them from damage, and  to prevent  injury to players.  Please respect these closures.  Damage may occur when the field is too wet, or when too dry.

How do I know if the fields are closed?    You can find out if fields are closed by logging on to the CISL website and clicking on the Field Conditions link to HRM

What is the number for the rain line?     The Rainline has been discontinued.  Please refer to HRM field conditions on any day when weather conditions may cause field closure.  Here is a link  you will also find a link on the CISL Homepage

Can I request to have a game rescheduled?    Any team U14 and above may request a game postponement (maximum for any team - 1) for reschedule by meeting the following requirements: Your opponent agrees to postpone the scheduled match, in writing. Both teams have agreed on TWO dates to replay the match. CISL will choose a field and time for the accepted date.  Reschedule dates may not be weekends.    The deadline for requests is June 15th.

Why can’t U10 and U12 teams have a game rescheduled like the U14’s?  All U10 and U12 teams play on artificial turf.  Artificial turf is very expensive and available time to change a game is very scarce. Teams may request a game postponement, if their opponent is agreeable, but the game must be played during a time available to the league, or the team requesting the change can book a field and time at their own expense.

What do I do if I know I am going to have to default a game?    If you know you are going to default a game call the office and the other Coach. There’s nothing worse than dealing with teams that show up to a default and it’s inconsiderate. DOUBLE THE REFEREES FEES WILL BE CHARGED DIRECTLY TO YOUR TEAM THROUGH YOUR CLUB UNLESS YOU HAVE GIVEN 48 HOURS NOTICE.

Must all my players wear the same colour shorts and socks?     Yes, teams must be dressed properly, your team looks a lot better and it sure makes the referee’s job a lot easier. It is also a FIFA rule.  The Referee may refuse entry to any player not properly dressed.

Who is responsible for bringing and putting the nets for each game?    This season the League has amended its rules so that the Home team brings the nets to the fields as required and the AWAY TEAM MUST PUT UP AND TAKE DOWN ONE NET. The game sheet now has a check box where it may be noted that the visiting team did not help.  Failure to assist may cause a team to be called before the Discipline committee.

What if I, as a coach, disagree with a call that the referee makes?    As important as you may think your opinion is, a game official may only act on information supplied by assistant referees. If a referee or his assistants did not witness an incident/event, then no action can be taken.  A referee is the ONLY person in charge. Please consult the Laws of the game before chastising the Referee. If, after the match you still have a complaint about the referee you may make a written complaint to SNS.

Can my players wear jewelry during a game?    No, players are NOT permitted to wear jewelry during a game. Referees will strictly enforce this rule. Coaches, please help us help you by being the first step in providing discipline for your team on this issue.

What if one of my players gets blood on his/her uniform?    The part of the uniform containing blood must be changed and a completely different piece must be worn. It is not enough to try and wash the blood out. Referees will strictly enforce this rule.

Can my team's bench be set up on the same side as the spectators?    No, referees will require both teams to have their bench area on the other side of the field from the spectators.

Can parents be on the same side of the field as the players?    No, all spectators will stay on the opposite side of the field from the team benches.

Are there team technical areas on every field?    As many fields as possible will be lined to include team technical areas. Where these areas are marked, teams will be required to use them for their bench areas. Referees will be instructed to enforce this rule.

What happens if one of my games is rained out?   Each time a rain cancellation takes place games will be rescheduled to the makeup weekend. The number of cancellation days accumulated will determine the start and end date & time for these rescheduled games. The website will contain information which will indicate time and/or field changes from the original schedule. U12C teams will not have any games cancelled for weather related issues rescheduled.

What are the dates for rain cancellation makeup games?    Please look at the annual calendar accessible from the CISL Homepage for the current season dates.

What are the play-days and times for my team?      Play-days and times vary for each team. Please review your team schedule for details. Play-days are adhered to as closely as possible, except for rescheduled games. We endeavor as much as possible to play games at convenient times. At some point we simply run out of convenient times and as a result some games are at the early time. These were the only times available to us to use and they affect all teams.

Who is responsible to keep track of cards accumulated by individual players as a result of receiving cautions or ejections?    All CISL matchs scheduled in any season are included together for the purpose of assessing Discipline sanctions. It is the Coach and Player’s responsibility to keep track of points accumulated by individual players as a result of receiving cautions or ejections, and it is the responsibility of the Coach and Player to sit out the appropriate games resulting from the accumulation of points. The league follows the SNS Discipline, Appeals and Punishment Policies currently in effect and it is the Coach and Player’s responsibility to follow the procedures, punishments and appeals processes of the policy. It is the responsibility of the Coach and Player to read and understand the SNS Discipline Policy.  But dont forget CISL Staff are at your disposal to assist in information gathering and interpretation of the policy.

What is the CISL privacy policy?    The CISL privacy policy is available on this website for your information. Basically the policy states that the league will protect the privacy of an individual. The League keeps a current list of all team contacts. The league also provides the team contacts for the age group each team is registered, in the Coach’s handbook for Team Staff information and use, but we will not publish this information on this website.

Why do different age groups play a different number of games? Not all play categories register the same number of teams.  Each play category is looked at individually to determine the fairest way to have these registered teams compete.  Sometimes that means that one group will play 14 games and another 16.

Why are there different divisions in Super 9 and other play categories?      Sometimes play categories are divided into divisions.  Usually this is due to a large number of teams registered to play in the category and there is no way they can all play each other, even once.  Sometimes divisions are created to allow a competitive play format which doesn’t have too many games.  Sometimes teams are divided geographically.  And sometimes teams are placed in different divisions because it’s not a good idea to have these teams playing one another.

Why wasn’t I told that there was another group using the field at the same time my team was booked?   Once in a while someone makes a booboo.  Sometimes it's CISL who errs and sometimes it is HRM.  We would normally notify you if we know there is a double booking on a field and we can’t do anything about it.  Sometimes the problem has resolved itself and you don’t need to know anything.  And sometimes it is totally messed up and 4 teams arrive at the field and 2 crews of officials as well.

Why aren’t Coach names and contact information available on the website?   Coach names and contact info are not public information.  If you need to contact a Coach you don’t have any information for please contact and we will provide the info you require if you are a legitimate team contact.

Who reviews Misconduct Reports?     Most Discipline Reports received by CISL result in an automatic punishment described and updated from time to time in the SNS Policies and Procedures Manual.  Where the subject of the report disagrees with the report itself, or the punishment, they may appeal the decision or suspension.   The discipline committee will meet every Monday, as required, at 6:00 pm at the CISL Office throughout the season. Look at the CISL Calendar for specific start dates. Any necessary hearings will be held the next meeting date following receipt of the Misconduct Report unless the appellant wishes a10-day notice period. Then the meeting will automatically take place the following week.

What do I do if I disagree with the outcome of a match?    If your team disagrees with the outcome of a match you should consult with your club first of all to see if there is any merit in your complaint.  If your club agrees there is an issue, then a protest must be made.  Follow the procedure in the CISL Rules & Regulations.  Time is of the essence when considering a protest.  24 hours from the end of the match, and $150.00 non refundable fee to accompany the protest.

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