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U10 Playing Rules

Law 1-The Field of Play

                Length: 64 m      Width:        33 m                    (where possible)

Field Markings: Distinctive lines not more than fifteen (15) centimetres wide. The field of play is divided into halves, marked by a centre line and by a centre spot that is located at the midpoint of the centre line. A circle with a radius of nine (9) metres may, but not mandatory, be marked around it.   NB: All fields must be properly marked.

Goal Area: None

The Penalty Area: A penalty area is defined at each end of the field as follows:

Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, eleven (11) metres from the inside of each goalpost. These lines extend into the field of play for a distance of eleven (11) metres and are joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line. The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the penalty area. Within each penalty area a penalty mark is made nine (9) meters from the midpoint between the goalposts and equidistant to them.

Flag posts: Conform to FIFA if used. 

The Corner Arc: Conform to FIFA if marked. 

Goal Posts: Goals must be placed on the centre of each goal line and measure 5.486 x 1.83 metres (12 feet wide and 6.5 feet high).

Law 2-The Ball: The ball must conform to FIFA standards and must conform to the FIFA inflation specifications. Size four (4).

Law 3- The Number of Players: A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than seven (7) players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match may not start, or continue, if either team consists of fewer than five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. All teams will adhere to the SNS fair play policy.  Where one team may be short players the other team may supply players to make the sides more even.

Substitutions: At any stoppage, the referee, may, at his discretion, allow substitutions. Substitutions are unlimited.

Law 4- The Players Equipment: Conform to FIFA. Non-uniform clothing is allowed based on weather conditions, but uniforms must still distinguish teams. The goalkeeper should wear a colour that distinguishes him/her from both teams. Shin guards are mandatory and must be worn under the socks. Jewelery is not permitted.

Law 5- The Referee: One referee as per Soccer NS regulations. The referee’s role is to keep players safe and to ensure that the game is played under the “fair play” code. Referees are to allow bona fide “Technical Directors” on the field of play for the purposes of instructing while play is ongoing. The above is allowable for A level only. (Duties conform to FIFA)

Law 6- The Assistant Referee: N-A

Law 7- The Duration of the Match: The match will be divided into two (2) halves of twenty five (25) minutes each. There shall be a half-time interval of three (3) minutes.

Law 8- The Start and Restart of Play: Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents of the team taking the kick-off are at least nine (9) metres from the ball until it is in play.

Law 9- The Ball In and Out of Play: Conform to FIFA.

Law 10-The Method of Scoring: Conform to FIFA.

Law 11-Offside: N-A

Law 12-Fouls and Misconduct: Conform to FIFA

Law 13-Free Kicks: All free kicks awarded are indirect free kicks.  Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents are at least nine (9) metres from the ball.   An indirect kick awarded to the attacking team that occurs inside the penalty area shall be taken from the outside edge of the penalty area in line where the offense took place.

Law 14-The Penalty Kick: Conform to FIFA with the exceptions that the penalty mark is marked at nine (9) metres from the goal line. All players except the player taking the kick must be nine (9) metres from the ball.

Law 15-The Throw-In: Conform to FIFA.

Law 16-The Goal Kick: Conform to FIFA except that it shall be taken from anywhere within the penalty area. Opponents must remain at least nine (9) metres away from the ball until it is in play.

Law 17-The Corner Kick: Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents remain at least nine (9) metres away from the ball until it is in play.


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