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Effective May. 18th, 2012: Teams will be given a dressing room, available at 30 minutes past the hour. When teams leave the dressing room they will not be returning and must take any gear and personal belongings with them.

Team Marshals or another team official must be present and stay at the door of the dressing room to make sure the kids get into the correct room and also to make sure they don’t run away and/or get lost.
At 10 minutes to the hour teams may enter the field and stay quietly as a team along the wall below the viewing area.
At 5 minutes to the hour a horn will sound.  The referee will blow his whistle to end the match at the earliest opportunity.  Make sure your players know this as they may tend to stop play when the horn is sounded
Teams waiting along the sideline have immediate access to the field, once the Referee blows his whistle.
Teams completing their match must leave the field of play as soon as the whistle is blown to end the match.
On the hour a horn will blow to start the next period of play. Referees are to start their watch and the match on the sound of the horn.
Teams must be ready to start the match on time. Referees are not required to wait for teams. Teams have been provided plenty of time for match prep.

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